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Capitol catering Services Zimbabwe (PBC) (Capitol) was established in 2015, specializing in Corporate and Industrial Catering, as well as outdoor catering events (funerals, memorial services, parties etc)

Our motto “TINOGONA”, speaks for itself.

Traditional Meals

Traditional meals include but are not limited to: White sadza, zviyo sadza, mhunga sadza, peanut butter rice, served with green leaf vegetables and a variety of meats including beef, chicken, muzondo, guru and matumbu, beef bones, fish, gango, goat meat.

Western Meals

Western meals include rice, pasta potatoes for starch. Chicken, fish, beef, pork for protein and a variety of vegetables.

Vegetarian Meals

For our Vegetarian customers we have a choice of bean stews, mushroom dishes, egg dishes and soya dishes.

Meals and snacks can be prepared either at Our Kitchen or on site at Client’s Premises

Regulatory requirements

Capitol Catering Services Zimbabwe meets all the regulatory requirements with regards to employment. Our organization is registered with the National Employment Council for the Catering Industry (NNECCI), National Social Services Association (NSSA) and the Pension Fund and PRAZ. All the employees have also been registered with NECCI and NSSA, and contributions are made every month.


Our staff members also undergo annual medical checkups for which a medical certificate is issued for each person.


Our motto speaks for itself, and OUR PROMISE is that you will come back for more.
We pride ourselves in providing the best catering service to our satisfied clients in the following sectors:

Education | Corporate and industrial | Health | Leisure and Sport


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